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Skelbygård - Skelbyvej 8, 4874  Gedser - 7 km. fra Gedser, Få hundrede meter fra hovedvej E55.                              Info@Sydfalster-bed-and-breakfast.dk

Midnight snack:

If you arrive between 21 and 22:30 you can book on arrival a midnight snack, served in the lounge at 23.

Ask for the options when you arrive.

The living room has coffee and tea, free of charge between 21 and 24 and again between 6 and 8 in the morning.


Coffee and Tea.

2 pieces of bread, butter, cheese, jams and meats.

Bacon and eggs.

On weekends, we add a little extra for the breakfast it could be American pancakes with either butter or dark syrup or it could be Danish Pastry.

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We offer:

Check in between 18 and 24

Other arrival hours upon agreement.

Departure not later than 9 am.

Associated living room can be used freely in the evening.

The same living room is used for breakfast, which can be ordered at any time between 6:00 am and 8:30 am.

Double Room-A:

At night incl. 2 people            300,00 kr.

Extra bed                               100,00 kr.

Double Room-B:

At night incl. 2 people            400,00 kr.

Extra bed                               100,00 kr.

Double Room-C:

At night incl. 2 people            300,00 kr.

Double Room-D:

At night incl. 2 people            300,00 kr.

Single Room-S:

At night incl. 1 person            250,00 kr.

Childbed - Extra                     100,00 kr.

Midnight snack per person  50,00 kr.

Breakfast per person             50,00 kr.

All prices incl. VAT.